WOW Reverse Osmosis

The next step in Reverse Osmosis Technology

Water-On-Water Technology

The patented ‘water-on-water’ reverse osmosis design operates with astonishing efficiency, reducing water waste by up to 500% compared to traditional ‘air-on-water’ devices that must force water into the storage tank against increasing air pressures. 

Peak efficiency

WOW systems operate with zero back pressure on the membrane. This is the same condition that the membrane manufacturers tested and rated their membrane for quality and quantity.

Zero Back pressure

WOW’s patented “zero back pressure” RO design provides maximum purity and production under a wide range of water conditions, such as higher feed water TDS, and lower operating pressures (as low as 20 PSI), eliminating the need for add-on pumps and service calls. 


Patented CPU pressure sensor automatically senses when to fill, stop, and empty the waste water. This is the only one moving part, increasing reliability and operating in zero back pressure producing water faster with up to 500% less wasted water.


Streamlined molded plastic channel technology in manifold design completely eliminates hoses to filters, removing the single biggest cause of leaks. 


Hermetically sealed storage tanks drastically reduce potential for contamination and ensure consistent dispensing flow rate even at low psi.


Significantly more compact than traditional air-captive systems. The large volume of air in the tank is no longer necessary, reducing the space required for installations by 35-50%.


Additional systems can be installed in ‘serial sequence’ for greater volume demand such as in the food service industry, commercial coffee and soda machines. No other RO system in its class allows for this flexibility.

Convenient maintenance

Safe, convenient, sanitary quick-change filters which offer consumer-friendly maintenance. WOW cartridges are 100% recyclable.

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